About Us

At Shire Soaps we have a motto:

"What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body!"

In an age where there are many products with ingredient names so long and so difficult to say, we can promise none of those ingredients are in our soap!  We create each luscious bar in the cold process fashion.  Just like those in history before us.  You won't find any part of our products that are not comprised of organic ingredients.  From the super fats to the essentials and even the botanicals added in, everything is sourced organic and sometimes even grown in our own gardens. 

We only use top grade organic ingredients, sourced locally and fair trade when available.  We get a better price doing business locally and pass that savings on to our customers!

Just try our soaps, body butters or lip balms, you'll be back for more.  All made in a home kitchen in the Free State!  Live Free, Live Clean!!

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